Tuesday, May 3, 2011

{modern bohemian}

Club Monaco is starting to creep up my list of "must-shop" retail stores...or at least must "window-shop" seeing how pricey they've become, but I always walk away with some great styling cues. I know we've just peaked spring however I can't help but share their newly released Fall 11 lookbook. The seasons this year seem to blend into one another with effortless fluidity. It's like all the designers anticipated the frugal economy and decided to layer each seasonal trend with minor tweaks, so we can leverage our favorite pieces throughout the year. So keep your lace blazer, lace skirt or lace top handy and accessorize with fall RTW pieces - or pair your nautical striped tee with a double cloth skirt, and top off your wide leg denim with a fall forward sweater or an airy silk blouse. All you frugal fashionista's can still be on trend this fall season with a little creativity...

{images: club monaco}

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