Monday, January 31, 2011

down under

My husband and I recently came back from visiting friends in Australia. Hesitant on whether I would enjoy the world down under I came back considering a permanent move there! To best sum it up, Australia is the perfect blend of the best cities of the world - San Francisco, New York & London. San Francisco because of the laid back attitude, New York because of the commonality of funky restaurants & bars, London because of the architecture and quaint alley's where you'll find coffee shops, boutiques and gorgeous pastry shops. The fashion in Australia is something I've never seen before. Where European fashion is very tailored, Australian fashion is a bit more casual. The apparel is designed with intricate drape, loose fitting silhouettes, and very sexy. And then there's the food...oh the food! Pastries, fresh sandwiches, and exotic fruits. I ate, and ate and ate...I taste tested Kangaroo and must say felt sick to my stomach when I finally fed the roo's at the Steve Irvin Zoo. Not sure how Australia's eat their native animal. Highlight: Steve Irvin Zoo! I got to hold a Koala, feed the roo's, watch a live Croc show and meet Steve Irvin's wife! I also enjoyed spending some alone time with my hubby in Queensland where we basked in the sun, watched the beautiful sunset along the coast and experienced a torrential tropical downpour. Favorite City: Melbourne! Favorite pastry: Vanilla Slice. Favorite lunch: Steak & Mushroom Pie. Australia provided me with beautiful memories. Hoping these images give you a taste of Oz!

Obsessed! My new favorite Australian designer. My GF Mel, works for Willow and made the biggest mistake by introducing me to the world of Willow. Net-a-porter features her designs.

Pellegrinis is a small Italian Resto in the CBD (central business center) known for their home made pasta's and pies.

Lose yourself in Melbourne laneways

In Melbourne graffiti art is an important part of the spectrum of cultural and design activities that Melburnians engage with.

New Year's Day party in Melbourne. Most beautiful day in Oz!

Wine Tasting in Mount Tamborine with my hubby.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


hello my fellow capricorns or shall i now say....sagittarius's??? supposedly the change in the earth’s rotation caused each zodiac sign to shift about a month. this shift prompted an astrological crises!!!! i went from being a loyal capricorn to a fiery sagittarius...not in my book!!! i am a capricon, i have always proudly identified with my sign and its attributes not to mention that i take pride in sharing b-day with my idols: Kate Moss & Martin Luther King Jr. in honor of my fellow capricorns i'd like to share some of my favorites of the fabulous kate moss. happy birthday kate!

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