Wednesday, March 23, 2011

welcome to miami

Apologies for being MIA, but I was frolicking in the Miami heat for the past few days to get away from the downright depressing weather in SF. My trip was planned to see my sister-in-law visiting from London, however my week in Miami was so eventful that it made for some great reading material for my deshabille followers!

Miami has such an international vibe that once you step off the plane you know you're not in Kansas anymore. The fashion in Miami is two-fold. You have the spring breakers who are clearly vacationing with a few intentions in mind...drinking and mating, which is apparent when you see their hiked up skirts, stripper heels and revealing tops. I didn't travel across the country to watch them in action. Fashion was the preoccupation uppermost in my mind as I embarked on this trip. More specifically it was the European fashion that enticed me. European vacationers are a little more arresting than the most - classy, decadent, unfathomably glamorous and exude a type of sexy sophistication. I was lusting over a woman walking out of Delano in a beautifully draped maxi skirt, paired with a simple elegant tank and bangles layered up to her forearm.  Another shopping the streets of Washington Ave. in pleated soft shorts accessorized with gladiators that tied up all the way to her calf. She wore simple hair and make-up but what caught my eye was her electric orange lips and her oversized Carrera shades. My favorite look by far was worn by an Italian gay man I met at The Raleigh Hotel, simple but oh so fresh in his black speedo's, ray-bans and pure white towel he used as an accessory.

Besides the fashion, what keeps me coming back for more are the over-the-top hotels that make you feel like you're a billionaire. The $17 dollar drinks took a major hit to my wallet, but my rational sense is no longer valid when I'm in the moment. Delano is probably my favorite of the bunch. The inviting spa like smell, the majestic white walls, the floor length curtains dancing with the wind, the mile long pool, oversized chess board and distant electronic melody that flows through the garden. I am in my element every time I walk through the double doors of what I like to call sinful heaven.

Our five-course Cuban meal, $300 dollar bottle of Moet Chandon Imperial Ice at Nikki beach and $17 drinks at Delano made me realize why they call Miami a celebrities playground. The hotels, the food and the shopping are painfully pricey, but that never stops me from wanting more. Miami is the type of city that will take you on a compelling journey of acrylic afternoons and nocturnal nights. So when the streets are roaring with the sounds of supernaturally spectacular machinery, the bay is full of $30 million dollar yachts docked outside of waterfront homes that are nothing short of unreal, and the average bust size for a woman is Double D you'll know you've arrived in Miami.




"The first duty in life is to be as artificial as possible. What the second duty is no one has yet discovered." - Mr Oscar Wilde

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