Tuesday, April 12, 2011

city of dreams

I just got back from NYC and let me tell you it was the saddest flight back to SFO. I missed my hubby and my darling little pup of course, but I was saddened to leave the city where dreams come true.

I stayed at The Standard in the meatpacking where you'll find hip, modern furniture,  open bathrooms with deep soaking tubs, clear glass panels instead of shower curtains, and the rainfall showers scream nothing less of sexy. The elevators feature a video that represents Heaven as you go up and Hell as you go down. Need I say more...? The hotel has a late-night club of the moment, Top of the Standard. The club is the scene of many fashion soiree and celeb-filled parties, and do not be surprised to find yourself watching the sun rise over the Hudson River.

Over the course of my 6 day trip I shopped like a mad woman, ate at some newly discovered restaurants and even managed to catch up with some old friends. My first night out had to be at Pastis. Nothing better than steak frites after a long 5 hour flight from SFO. My second night was spent chatting with dear friends at Dos Caminos. An oldie but goodie. The shrimp tacos are exemplary, but they are not the only thing people pack the place for. The range of Mexican spirits is the best this side of Tijuana. Slam down a shot or two, or sample one of the 70 tequilas. The scene is young, loud and bound to give you at least a mild hangover. My third evening was spent with my co-workers at Da Silvano, a new find for me. I can't believe I had never eaten at this quaint Italian restaurant that attracts regulars like Madonna! The food was nothing short of exquisite and the bill wasn't forgiving either. I wasn't fortunate enough to have a celebrity sighting that evening but the following afternoon as I was shopping in Soho I casually bumped into Curtis Stone who was hailing a cab outside of Soho Grand. Yes, casually. He's absolutely stunning in person. His thin, model like female-friend wasn't bad herself, but who's paying attention to her...

I even got myself on a train headed to Long Island City to visit some old friends. I managed to miss my stop but only because I was ambushed by the Mariachi band that flew threw the doors of the subway playing their instruments on the loudest note yet. My last and final night was spent with girlfriends at Macelleria and in search of our second wind we ended the night at Gaslight. The perfect way to end my week long trip.

Revolving door at The Standard
Outdoor seating at The Standard

Mario Batali's artisanal Italian food and wine marketplace, Eataly

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