Monday, February 21, 2011

the imperfect perfect

So I am undoubtedly obsessed with J. Crew and everything they do, but after watching their new clip "J. Crew goes to Italy" I fell deeper in love. J. Crew has created a collection of three short films, with the first being a documentary on the design and manufacturing process of their one-of-a-kind Italian made shoes. The clip allows a sneak peek into Jenna's simply luxurious life as a creative director, and I became more of a Jenna Lyons cheerleader when I got a taste of how real of a person she is when she appears to get claustrophobic, New York Style, in the tiny Italian elevator. Jenna Lyons is imperfectly her creations come to life.

Be sure to catch the second video, “About a Thread Count” which launches on Feb 24th, and the third video “About a Print” which launches on March 24.

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